Is India still a dominating force in Cricket?

The Invincible Aussie era is more known for its dominance of cricket in all forms of the game than just winning games and series. It is a matter of pride and honor to show to the rest your dominance and earn respect and trigger a fear factor whenever any opposition battles you out. That sort of spirit showed by the mighty Australians made them true champions and irresistibly the number one but the current Indian team have showed no signs of such quality cricket and it clearly shows the temporary boast as number 1 in test cricket and world champions will sway along for a couple of seasons only.

Is India still a dominating force in Cricket?

Is India still a dominating force in Cricket?

Dhoni has been hailed so high for his captaincy but in my regard the same for some notorious decision making too. His decision to set a competitive target of 280 in the 2nd test match adds another feather to his cap but having made that you call off a match when you need 86 runs in 15 overs and have 7 wickets in hand. It’s a blunder of a call! At least if he had played out the 15 overs and not achieved the victory, it’s understandable but giving up is not a solution. As quoted by Winston Churchill “It is no use saying: ‘We are doing our best’. You have got to succeed in what doing is necessary”. Duncan Fletcher lashed out calling that they have clearly made a statement out by winning the series even in the absence of 4 senior cricketers. Does that provide any justification, definitely not? It only urges another question as to why they are not playing.

Did Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne or Glenn Mcgrath ask for rest and ignored weak test playing nations? They outplayed everybody from every minnows to every top nation with a more or not same playing 11 unless and otherwise an injury crops in and that’s perfection at its very best. All of them had a great love and passion towards playing as a unit and enjoyed victories as a family rather than going after personal accolades or being sentimental of the ground to notch up a hundred. That’s the best answer possible to why ever since all Australians feel proud riding on the back of Ponting and back him as the best man to lead from the front. They might not be number 1 but united they always stand tall for each other. Did anyone back Ganguly or Dravid when they were pushed to a corner? NO! Everyone was worrying about cementing their place at the national team and those who had already been never bothered to think that it had been because of either Ganguly or Dravid they established themselves. Laxman, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Gambhir are prime examples.

Strong bench strength is always a positive sign but trying to prove the dominance with the bench strength can easily lead to the downfall. We must capitalize on the potential resources at hand and shape up a better future for the long survival of the game and set as an example as a dominating force.

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