Ranji Trophy 2012 – schedule and live scores

Ranji Trophy 2012 - schedule and live scores

Ranji Trophy 2012 – schedule and live scores

The 2012-13 Ranji Trophy is set to get under way tomorrow. This year, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has gone in with a new format where 27 teams are divided into three groups. Previous year, teams were separated into Elite and Plate categories.

For the quarter-finals, top three, each from Group A and B and two from Group C will qualify.

Quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will be played over five days each. The final is slated to be held from January 26 to 30.

Here is the full schedule of Ranji Trophy 2012-13 season (All matches start at 9.30 AM IST):


Group A: Rajasthan, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh, Saurashtra, Railways, Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat

Group B: Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha, Delhi, Baroda, Odisha

Group C: Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Services, Tripura, Goa, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam

November 2 to 5

Group A: Bengal Vs Rajasthan in Kolkata; Mumbai Vs Railways in Mumbai; Punjab Vs Hyderabad in Mohali; Madhya Pradesh Vs Gujarat in Indore

Group B: Odisha Vs Tamil Nadu in Cuttack; Haryana Vs Vidarbha in Lahli; Baroda Vs Karnataka in Baroda; Uttar Pradesh Vs Delhi in Ghaziabad

Group C: Himachal Pradesh Vs Kerala in Amtar; Andhra Vs Services in Anantapur; Assam Vs Tripura in Guwahati; Jammu and Kashmir Vs Jharkhand in Jammu

November 9 to 12

Group A: Rajasthan Vs Mumbai in Jaipur; Hyderabad Vs Madhya Pradesh in Hyderabad; Gujarat Vs Saurashtra in Surat; Punjab Vs Bengal in Mohali

Group B: Tamil Nadu Vs Karnataka in Chennai; Maharashtra Vs Uttar Pradesh in Pune; Baroda Vs Vidarbha in Baroda; Delhi Vs Odisha in Delhi

Group C: Andhra Vs Tripura in Anantapur; Goa Vs Jammu and Kashmir in Goa; Jharkhand Vs Assam in Jamshedpur

November 17 to 20

Group A: Rajasthan Vs Madhya Pradesh in Jaipur; Hyderabad Vs Saurashtra in Hyderabad; Railways Vs Punjab in Bhubaneshwar; Bengal Vs Gujarat in Kolkata

Group B: Tamil Nadu Vs Maharashtra in Chennai; Haryana Vs Odisha in Lahli; Uttar Pradesh Vs Karnataka in Meerut; Delhi Vs Baroda in Delhi

Group C: Himachal Pradesh Vs Andhra in Amtar; Kerala Vs Assam in Malappuram; Tripura Vs Services in Agartala; Jharkhand Vs Goa in Jamshedpur

November 24 to 27

Group A: Hyderabad Vs Mumbai in Hyderabad; Madhya Pradesh Vs Bengal in Indore; Punjab Vs Saurashtra in Patiala; Railways Vs Gujarat in Bhubaneshwar

Group B: Delhi Vs Tamil Nadu in Delhi; Haryana Vs Baroda in Lahli; Vidarbha Vs Maharashtra in Nagpur; Karnataka Vs Odisha in Bangalore

Group C: Jharkhand Vs Himachal Pradesh in Ranchi; Kerala Vs Goa in Malappuram; Jammu and Kashmir Vs Andhra in Jammu; Services Vs Assam in Delhi

December 1 to 4

Group A: Punjab Vs Rajasthan in Patiala; Mumbai Vs Bengal in Mumbai; Gujarat Vs Hyderabad in Ahmedabad; Saurashtra Vs Railways in Rajkot

Group B: Vidarbha Vs Tamil Nadu in Nagpur; Haryana Vs Delhi in Lahli; Odisha Vs Maharashtra in Sambalpur; Uttar Pradesh Vs Baroda in Kanpur

Group C: Himachal Pradesh Vs Tripura in Dharamsala; Services Vs Kerala in Delhi; Andhra Vs Goa in Visakhapatnam; Assam Vs Jammu and Kashmir in Guwahati

December 8 to 11

Group A: Gujarat Vs Rajasthan in Ahmedabad; Mumbai Vs Punjab in Mumbai; Railways Vs Madhya Pradesh in Bhubaneshwar; Saurashtra Vs Bengal in Rajkot

Group B: Maharashtra Vs Haryana in Pune; Karnataka Vs Delhi in Bangalore; Vidarbha Vs Uttar Pradesh in Nagpur; Baroda Vs Odisha in Baroda

Group C: Assam Vs Himachal Pradesh in Guwahati; Kerala Vs Jammu and Kashmir in Malappuram; Goa Vs Services in Goa; Tripura Vs Jharkhand in Agartala

December 15 to 18

Group A: Railways Vs Rajasthan in Bhubaneshwar; Saurashtra Vs Mumbai in Rajkot; Bengal Vs Hyderabad in Kolkata; Madhya Pradesh Vs Punjab in Gwalior

Group B: Baroda Vs Tamil Nadu in Baroda; Uttar Pradesh Vs Haryana in Lucknow; Delhi Vs Maharashtra in Delhi; Karnataka Vs Vidarbha in Bangalore

Group C: Goa Vs Himachal Pradesh in Goa; Tripura Vs Kerala in Agartala; Jharkhand Vs Andhra in Dhanbad; Services Vs Jammu and Kashmir in Delhi

December 22 to 25

Group A: Rajasthan Vs Saurashtra in Jaipur; Madhya Pradesh Vs Mumbai in Indore; Hyderabad Vs Railways in Hyderabad; Gujarat Vs Punjab in Ahmedabad

Group B: Tamil Nadu Vs Uttar Pradesh in Chennai; Karnataka Vs Haryana in Bangalore; Maharashtra Vs Baroda in Pune; Odisha Vs Vidarbha in Cuttack

Group C: Jammu and Kashmir Vs Himachal Pradesh in Jammu; Kerala Vs Jharkhand in Malappuram; Assam Vs Andhra in Guwahati; Tripura Vs Goa in Agartala

December 29 to January 1, 2013

Group A: Rajasthan Vs Hyderabad in Jaipur; Mumbai Vs Gujarat in Mumbai; Saurashtra Vs Madhya Pradesh in Rajkot; Bengal Vs Railways in Kolkata

Group B: Tamil Nadu Vs Haryana in Chennai; Maharashtra Vs Karnataka in Pune; Odisha Vs Uttar Pradesh in Cuttack; Vidarbha Vs Delhi in Nagpur

Group C: Andhra Vs Kerala in Kadapa; Services Vs Jharkhand in Delhi; Jammu and Kashmir Vs Tripura in Jammu; Goa Vs Assam in Goa

January 6 to 10, 2013: All four quarter-finals

January 1 to 20, 2013: Two semi-finals

January 26 to 30, 2013: Final

Note: Venues and time subject to change

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